“Great design is something you feel. It’s like visual music, and when you hit that magic note of harmony, you just know”

– Geèle Soroka

Geèle Soroka is the principal and Senior Interior Designer of Sublime Interior Design Ltd, curated by Geèle in 2003. She has over  20 years of experience in the industry, a background in business fundamentals, the psychology of sales and marketing, and dedicated customer service. She has worked alongside many realtors, completed her interior design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, holds her NCIDQ license for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, and is a member of, Interior Designers of Canada and, Great Vancouver Home Builders Association. Geele has received countless awards such as, Ovation, Georgie, Titan, and International Property awards for her designs. She has also created set designs for various celebrities such as Jamie lee Curtis, Joan Rivers, Sir Sidney Poitier, Clara Hughes and Maya Angelo. She has been published in a few different books by Panache Publishers, various magazines and newspapers, and has also been featured on TV and radio. Her design philosophy is simply stated in the company name – SUBLIME. Geèle Soroka’s guiding principle is that form follows function. She believes that the design process garners influence from personal history, and she strives to incorporate both her and the client’s ideal, to create that singular space that speaks to them, and all visitors on a personal level.


The firm’s signature style is West coast contemporary with an elegant traditional twist. However, they are not limited to one style as they have a talented team who can compose various styles as needed, showcasing them in their portfolio. People are the product of their environments, and Sublime helps create harmonious designs with a beautiful balance, unity, and flow. SUBLIME influences are derived from culture, family, travel and quality of life to create harmony. There is a musical quality to the work of the firm.


Sublime’s primary focus is on luxury custom homes and multifamily developments. The goal is to execute the budget, schedule and quality in all projects, while thoroughly articulating the client’s and project’s true needs. The team is known for their professionalism and strong dedication to superior customer service. Efficient communication is established to eliminate errors and unnecessary delays by working closely with the construction team and the client. Meticulous research goes into each project to deliver a product that not only meets the client’s immediate needs, but also provides something unexpectedly elegant. Every project will have its own particulars and restrictions, but it’s about how to create a solution that will benefit the project. The Sublime team works hard to examine those restrictions and turn them into positive solutions while maintaining vital customer service and communication skills, all to create beautiful, truly Sublime designs.

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