Sublime Interior Design’s primary focus is on luxury custom homes and multifamily developments. The goal is to execute the budget, schedule and quality in all projects, while thoroughly articulating the client’s and project’s true needs. The team is known for their professionalism and strong dedication to superior customer service.

Sublime offers three distinct levels of service to suit your needs and budget. We provide both Interior Design and Interior Furniture & Decor service within these levels. The difference between these service are below:


Diamond is a combination of Interior design and Interior Furniture & Decor services. At our highest level of service, we provide the most comprehensive range of consulting and designing services from the beginning phases of your Interior Design project to the end of your Interior Furniture & Decor services. From the ground up, all the way down to the cutlery. Working closely with the Client, Architect and Builder, we allow our clients to maintain their busy schedules while ensuring the job is done to specification. We shelter the client from the frustrations of this industry and aim for outstanding quality and results.
Our prices are per square foot for all-inclusive needs.


Our Platinum service rightly represents the excellence that Sublime is known for. We offer either Interior Design Services OR Interior Furniture & Decor Services in our platinum level. We are involved throughout the project, working closely with our clients, their architect or builder. We focus on our client’s needs as much as the project itself. We strive to achieve a project representing the high-end quality our customers have grown to expect, on budget and on time. Our prices are per square foot for all-inclusive needs.


Our Gold services ensure clients receive the standard that Sublime always aims to achieve. We offer one of Interior Design Services, Furniture &Decor Services, or both developed for our loyal repeat long-term clients; this is priced based on square footage. This level of service provides a design concept, along with specifications and drawings for your project. The client or Builder acts as the project manager, and we work with them to ensure the project achieves its goals. Our prices are per square foot.